Little Kids Books

At a time when screens are invading more and more our daily lives, it has become difficult to capture the attention of our dear little darlings with stories written on paper. Developing your vocabulary, getting away from it all, cultivating yourself, arousing your curiosity or even sharpening your imagination: reading, however, has many virtues. It is, therefore, important to adopt good habits very early on and to support them in this learning process. In the evening before going to bed, during short and long holidays, on Saturday afternoons or to occupy free moments. There is no shortage of opportunities to settle down comfortably with your children and go on great adventures with them. A little enchanted or even romantic interlude that they will take pleasure in multiplying (whatever their age) and you too.


It was no small feat, but have you already managed to slip a book into the hands of your offspring? Rest assured, the hard part is now behind you. But there you have it, a plethora of books for toddlers and adults alike come out every month. And choosing which books to hit the mark often turns out to be a real headache. Don’t panic. We’re here to come to your rescue. From 3 years to pre-adolescence, discover without delay our selection of fascinating books to give them a taste for reading. Many favourites are read and approved!

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