These are the top 6 Audiobook recommendations

You’re always right with these audiobook recommendations: I’ve put together the best audiobooks for you – a mix of biographies, stories, and books on personal development and health.

Just let yourself be inspired!

top 6 Audiobook

Where can I find the best audiobook recommendations?

The best audiobook recommendations can of course be found on sites like this one. I always research my favorite blogs and look for new tips. It is of course best if the author has heard these books himself and can recommend them from his own experience.

Otherwise, Amazon Audible also helps me, which has very different audiobook recommendations in all categories. Audible is now the most popular audiobook platform and can be tested here for 30 days free of charge (Prime users 90 days).

The following is a list of books that more than entertained me. These books always gave me new ideas and experiences. I always aim to learn something through the audiobooks.

List: the best 6 audiobook recommendations

I haven’t sorted the audiobook recommendations for you so that you can be inspired freely. Be brave and choose books or categories that you may not have heard of before.

1. Eckhart Tolle “Now! The power of the present “

Category: personality development, lifestyle

What I learned from it: How to live more in the now and enjoy life at the moment!

My rating: 10/10 points

Why is it?

I found the book again and again among numerous audiobook recommendations. But too often I’ve ignored it and, unfortunately, only recently heard about Audible.

The book has delivered on its promise from the very first moment. It brought me into the now. Far too often our everyday life becomes blurred and we stroll more or less blindly through work, leisure, and even vacation. Eckhard Tolle explains why we always live in the past or future instead of the moment and why we rarely enjoy the moment.

It shows which thought processes are behind it and why we are constantly lost in distractions. It’s a little terrifying to see how often you escape the moment.

It is difficult to put into words, but I can recommend one thing: Be sure to listen – now!

2. John Strelecky “The Café on the Edge of the World: A Tale of the Meaning of Life”

Category: personality development, lifestyle

What I’ve learned from it: How I live my life the way I imagine it!

My rating: 9/10 points

Why is it?

Among the audiobook recommendations, the “Café am Rande der Welt” is almost perfect as an audiobook. It’s a beautiful and entertaining narrative that will make the reader think. Why are you here? Is the basic question that runs through the book.

In doing so, John Strelecky picks up on the ever higher-faster-wider zeitgeist and picks up readers who are stressed by everyday life in the beautiful café on the edge of the world. I quickly became aware of how we lose ourselves in everyday events without pursuing our passions and passions. The book will help you find them!

3. Ulrich Strunz “New ways of healing: Health happens from within”

Category: Health

What I learned from it: How the body can heal itself in amazing ways – with a natural way of life!

My rating: 8/10 points

Why is it?

There are fewer health audiobooks. Among classic book recommendations is Dr. Ulrich Strunz represented the most. He understood how health works. The book summarizes many of the findings from his books, including “Forever young”.

With the book, you will receive the blueprint for your health – immediately implementable when you start with it.

4. Rainer Zitelmann “Set yourself bigger goals !: The secrets of successful personalities”

Category: Personality Development

What I learned from it: Those goals are decisive – small as well as big. And how motivating it is to review them monthly.

My rating: 10/10 points

Why is it?

When I ask you: What are your 5 most important goals in life? Can you answer it Very few can do this? And yet it can be so motivating to set goals. It gives more meaning, more direction, and more fire to life.

Rainer Zitelmann is one of the most successful authors in the field of personality development and lifestyle. He has interviewed many successful personalities and shares his experiences from these interviews.

The effect is there immediately – set yourself simple and bigger goals and start running!

5. Walter Isaacson “Steve Jobs: The Authorized Biography of the Apple Founder”

Category: Biographies

What I learned from it: That Apple is much more than just a lifestyle. Steve Jobs’ attitude to life was incredible – the book shows how he uncompromisingly put his ideas into practice.

My rating: 9/10 points

Why is it?

Steve Jobs’ biography is streaked with determination. He changed the world with his passion for innovation, perfection, and aesthetics. It is almost a shame to classify Apple products as lifestyle and status symbols. In the biography I was most impressed by Steve Jobs’ principles of life – you can pull a lot out of this for yourself.

6. Yuval Noah Harari “A Brief History of Humanity”

Category: Science

What I learned from it: How we can help to leave our earth with a clean footprint

My rating: 10/10 points

Why is it?

I’ve written quite a few articles on book recommendations. I intentionally include this book on every list because everyone must have read it! Sure, Yuval Noah Harari paints a very bad picture of us humans and how we rob the planet and the creatures that are here with us. But without this clear wake-up call, we will leave a ruined world.

It has helped me to live more consciously and to question my behavior regarding consumption and nutrition. The book changes your view and knowledge of humanity.

It’s the best audiobook I’ve ever heard. It is full of eye-opening chapters that have dragged me away emotionally: amazement, sadness, anger, happiness, or inspiration – this book causes a lot of reactions.

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